EEE+ Evaluations Pilot

Plan, collect, and analyze: Evaluate your teaching anytime.

About the Pilot

What is the pilot?

The EEE+ Evaluations pilot provides a streamlined customizable midterm evaluations tool to instructors for their Spring Quarter 2017 classes. In partnership with OIT’s EEE+ developers, instructors will help to determine the direction of future development for this new application, as well as identify any issues that need to be resolved.

During the pilot, EEE+ Evaluations can be used only for unofficial midterm evaluations one or more times throughout the quarter. You will be able to:

  • Create a custom midterm feedback form with your own questions and response options
  • Send a unique link to students for them to participate
  • Set an open and close period for your evaluation
  • View your results

How do I use EEE+ Evaluations?

EEE+ Evaluations is available for any instructor or staff member at UCI. Users can create and publish forms, as well as gather and review responses. Simply log in to get started!

If you have questions, please contact us.

Additional FAQ

Why are you doing a pilot?

The EEE+ Evaluations pilot lets the EEE+ Team put out what is called a “minimum viable product” that contains a core set of features. Information gathered from real world use of the tool by instructors will inform the features we add to this core tool.

Is the old EEE Evaluations tool going away?

Eventually, yes. But until EEE+ Evaluations has reached full feature parity with the old EEE Evaluations tool, the EEE team will maintain both systems.

All historical EEE Evaluations data will be retained. So don’t worry about losing any previous evaluation information!

What about official, final evaluations?

While in the pilot, the new EEE+ Evaluations tool is intended for use for non-official mid-quarter evaluations. Official instructor final evaluations will continue to be conducted as they are today -- either online on EEE, or in-person during class times.

The next phase of the EEE+ Evaluations project will bring in support for official, final evaluations conducted by departments. This phase will be informed by feedback from instructors, students, and departmental administrators. Look for more information over the summer on the EEE+ Evaluations information site.

What's not yet included in EEE+ Evaluations?

The EEE+ Evaluations pilot will run on a “minimum viable product” that contains a core set of evaluation tool features to run unofficial midterm evaluations. This allows us to find out from instructors what else we should build. However, there are features we know you’ll want and we’ll be working on these in the coming months.

Features we'll be working on include:

  • Assigning evaluations directly to classes. The tool provides a unique URL and ensures that participants can only submit once per form, but you can't assign an evaluation to a class yet
  • Email notifications for non-participants
  • Sharing results to the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation for instructional consultations

Functionality supporting official final evaluations conducted by schools and departments is planned for the future of this tool in another phase of the project.

How do I provide feedback?

If you'd like to share feedback about EEE+ Evaluations please contact us!

How do I keep up-to-date?

The EEE+ Evaluations pilot info site is a great resource to keep up with the progress of the Pilot.

What's next for EEE+ Evaluations?

In the future, you can look forward to ongoing updates to this unique UCI service, including:

  • Feature development guided by campus input
  • Continuing OIT’s partnership with the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation by providing a way for instructors and TAs to easily send their results to the DTEI
  • Information about sound pedagogical best practices in gathering feedback from your students
  • Feature parity with the existing, old EEE Evaluations Tool, including the ability to assign evaluations directly to classes and solicit responses via reminders

How to get started

Log in to EEE+ Evaluations to:

  • Create and manage forms
  • View results

Get support or send feedback

Contact us

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Help documentation

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EEE+ Evaluations Pilot Info Site

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